Nite Ize INOVA Ultraviolet Microlight with Clip

  • UPC: 671192240026
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BB-W
  • Brand Name: INOVA


SUPERIOR FLASHLIGHT - The Nite Ize INOVA Ultraviolet Microlight with Clip is an ingenious, precision-engineered micro UV LED flashlight for a multitude of uses. SUPER BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT - High-powered UV LED bulb has a 1,000-hour lifespan plus 365-400 nanometer wavelength. Four included functions: High Power, Low Power, Strobe, and Signal Mode. WATER AND CRUSH RESISTANT - Solid polycarbonate construction is water and crush resistant, with a temperature operation range from -4 degrees F / -20 degrees C to 104 degrees F / +40 degrees C. WITH UNIVERSAL CLIP - The Nite Ize INOVA Ultraviolet Microlight features a stainless steel universal clip that easily attaches to keys, zippers, backpacks, or any convenient location you need it to. LONG RUN TIME, COMPACT DESIGN - Runs on 2-2016 lithium batteries for up to 10 hours. Comes in a compact size of 1.85" x 1.00" x 0.33" (4.70cm x 2.54cm x 0.83cm) and weighs a mere 0.35 oz (9.22g).
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Powered by 2-2016 Lithium coin cell batteries, the INOVA Microlight is an ingenious micro LED flashlight, with a surprisingly powerful performance. The Microlight also features four lighting functions and a water-and-crush-resistant body, plus a stainless-steel universal clip that attaches easily to keys, zippers, purses, backpacks, military gear and any number of convenient locations.PLEASE NOTE, if the Smart ButtonTM GB-318s red LED does not flash after the Smart ButtonTM GB-318 has been connected to the wall buttons wires for 2 minutes, your garage door opener is probably too old. However, the Smart ButtonTM GB-318 will still work if you plug in an adapter 12V DC 100mA (sold separately).


Product Dimensions Weight 0.02
UPC 671192240026
Manufacturer INOVA
Product Dimensions Length 0.88 in
Department mens
Material Type Polycarbonate
Package Quantity 1
Product Dimensions Width 0.31 in
Model BB-W
Manufacturer Part Number BB-W
Color(s) Black/White LED
Product Dimensions Height 1.75 in
Size n/a